Thursday, September 13, 2007

The evolution of dance

I saw this on my friend's blog and thought it was fabulous. Mainly because it has given me great fodder. I am currently using this as a study guide and, if things continue to go well, I will have some super sweet moves in my repertoire by the time Maya attends her first Church dance at which time I will exhibit.

Mainly I just thought it was fascinating and it took me back to my own Church dance days and that bygone time of mediocre dancing and flowery-printed dresses and unfortunate hair.

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of School 2007

Okay, okay, so I would be perpetuating a fraud if I continued to mislead and make you all believe that these pics are really from the first day of school. It's just that I have never heard of someone publishing about the 19th day of school. At least it is still the first quarter of school. So to all of you moms out there that really took pictures on the actual first day of school: hats off to you, you're a better (and certainly more organized) woman than me.

Maya in her all of her favorites: Favorite hair-do (Kitty-cat ears), her favorite uniform shirt (red), her favorite jumper (blue), and her favorite shoes (pink sketchers which coordinate very nicely with the rest of the ensemble, I think. sidebar: there is P.E. everyday so they have to wear tennis shoes everyday. I think that some cute little mary janes would look totally cute but... )

Foster is actually wearing his teacher's favorite pants, as these are the ones that he can hook and unhook without assistance. He is loving kindergarten. We have all day, everyday kindergarten here so I was a little concerned about how he would do. He is definitely fried by the end of the week but is really enjoying two recesses, P.E. everyday, eating lunch at school, and naptime (okay so maybe he doesn't love naptime, but as he has actually fallen asleep several times, he definitely needs it.) I was also a little concerned about how he would do with the talking thing. Foster loves to chatter! Consequently, I received a note home about curbing the talking on the second day of school. He has since done much better. His words: "I learned my lesson." Apparently corporal punishment works. j/k. One funny story about Foster and meeting friends: He met a boy in the car-rider line (the line that the kids wait in for their moms and dads to pick them up after school). Foster has been really excited about this friend. He has described him to me in detail. I have gathered that he is a little older than Foster, really cool, has a Nintendo 64, and black. One problem: Foster has a hard time with his name. Upon hearing his name, Foster said, "Well, I'm gonna have a hard time with that. Can I just call you Evan?" Whatever works.

Our two little school-kids together. I love that they can kind of watch out for eachother while they're at school. I also love that they are really enjoying school this year, so far. (Maya really struggled last year.) I, selfishly, especially love how clean my house stays from the hours of 8am to 3:30pm.

Saturday, September 1, 2007