Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miller Family Updates

You've seen the Schwanoma for quite some time now and are probably getting a bit disgusted with the morbidity of the thing. To that end, here are some new updates on the Miller Family.

Maya Turns 8 and gets baptized.

Her birthday was loads of fun with both Grandma and Grandpa Foster here as well as Grandma Sue. Jenny took the photos for the invitation.

Millers and Fosters escape Hurricane Gustav by travelling to Dallas:

It was loads of fun and we finally got our family vacation in this summer. We spent a few days enjoying sights such as 6 flags and the acquarium. The funnest part was when we drove to Dallas. We arrived very late that evening (well after midnight). Shortly after we finally got everyone settled, the fire alarm went off and everyone was expected to evacuate. The frustrating thing is that we were among only 4 families that actually evacuated. We sat of the curb for about 15 minutes and nothing was happening, so we called the emergency in to 911 and the firetruck showed up, so at least the kids had fun looking at it! Photos to follow in a later Post.

Ella Turns 2!

A great time for all with a pinata and cake and family.

Jon leaves Samson to work at Intermoor!

After 4 years at Samson, it became time to try something new. The new company, Intermoor, was a customer of Samson's. Jon will be working in the Subsea division as a staff engineer. Best part of this new job is that there will be an opportunity to earn his professional engineering certification as there are professional engineers on staff at Intermoor and he will be working under one.