Wednesday, August 15, 2007

7 things

So I was "tagged" in this little game about two months ago. It has taken me that long to think up 7 facts about myself:
1) I've only had one cavity in my entire life.
2) I'm sad that Foster is starting kindergarten this year, but a part of me is secretly excited for all of the quiet time.
3) I am afraid of the dark and dogs, I also think spiders, all reptiles, bugs, birds, and rodents are foul.
4) I love decorating and become obsessive when I am in the midst of a project.
5) I hate carnival rides and get just sick looking at them.
6) My secret hope while I was growing up was for my parents to be driving me to school and make a "wrong" turn and end up at the airport where we would board a plane and fly to Disneyland. My secret hope was never realized, but a couple of years ago, we surprised our kids with a trip to Disneyland. They didn't know anything was going on until we got to the airport and even then, they just thought we were going to a hotel. It was bliss.
7) There is very little that makes me as happy as having a clean house.