Monday, February 5, 2007

Life Lessons

Since moving from Lynden, I have learned many truths. I like to call these truths "life lessons." This posting is my attempt at sharing these "life lessons" with you in hopes that you will b able to learn from my vast experience and, thus, have your life improved.

Life Lesson #1: Babies aren't very good at disguising themselves.

LIfe Lessson #2: All small children, and even some adults, love large, dead, stuffed animals.

Life Lesson #3: Never, never, never tell children that they may turn on the jets in Grandma Foster's tub and then blow dry your hair and put on your makeup and neglect to glance over at said "children." This never turns out well.

Life Lesson #4: Do not trust bored husband with camera. He will not take the world's next "best photo," but will use the camera as his vehicle to rekindle his love of making silly faces when told to "say cheese."

Lfe Lesson #5: Never allow sweet-looking, freshly fed baby to give you a kiss on your forehead. You will not like the results. (Why couldn't she have done it on herself? I was at least showered and dressed for the day while she, obviously, was not.)


Lydia said...

Oh that is really yucky!

Jenni said...

The disguise is too funny, John is disturbing, the bubbles are way cute and the thought of cleaning it up makes me hyperventilate. The dead animal picture is just cool.

Jenni said...

Oh... the spit up. I feel your pain. Addie did that to me one time. I called for help and Tyler went and got the video camera. Ella looks really big and very cute.

Courtney said...

You are WAY too funny Jen! Seriously, you make me laugh!

Yeah, I'm like Jenni, I would FREAK with the bubbles... it's one of those things that you don't even know where to start!

JenM. said...

The bubbles looked like a lot of work to clean up, but I made Maya and Foster do most of it. I got two dust-pans and made them scoop all of the offending bubbles back into the tub. I chose not to post the cleaning up pictures because, while really funny, Maya and Foster were dressed in only bubbles and smiles. This blog has a "no nudey-picture" policy.

Samuel said...

Hi Jen,
Just thought I'd mention how much we miss you here! Thanks for the blog pictures.

Samuel said...

Just realized my name says Samuel and not TINA. HAHAHHAHHA~