Monday, March 16, 2009

Grandma Foster came to visit us over the Mardi Gras break, and we had sooooo much fun having her here! We tried really hard to get her to extend her trip, but I think she needed to go home and recover. It was a really great two weeks that went by way too fast! Here are some of the hightlights:

Foster had his birthday on February 13 and Merrit on the 10th, so a Grandma-hosted birthday trip to Build-A-Bear was in order the night after she came.

Wishing it was her birthday...
I will be really sad when he decides that he is too old for this. He had a great time and loves his new buddy.
Another day, we decided to go to the Lafayette Children's Museum. Despite school being out for the break (Mardi Gras), it wasn't too busy.

My kids love the bubble exhibit and always try to do this:
(Which is actually harder than it me.)

The newscast:

The paramedics: (sorry about the broken ribs, Merrit but you really should've held still.)

The dentist's office:

(How many mouths do you think this giant toothbrush has been in? Despite a rather heartfelt lecture on the importance of NOT putting the t-brush into eachother's mouths, I still think there was a deposit of Ella's saliva on it when we left.)

Bon appetite! (consequently, this is Ella's very favorite meal. She is a total health nut.)

Of course, the zoo was on our agenda. It was a pretty day and I think that G-ma Foster was only on the phone two or three times bragging to all of the people she left behind in Utah about being able to be outside without the threat of hypothermia.
The llamas were VERY friendly:

Proof that fear of viscious animal teeth and saliva skips a generation.

My kids asked if I would get them some "llama food." Grandma's swift and immediate response:

...Anything for her babies.

The "picture tree" at the zoo:

It was so great to have her here...we are planning for the next time!


Lewis Family said...

He he he he. Next time just hog tie G ma to a chair till her flight is gone. She will forgive you, she will feel wanted, and you get your way. Works everytime, trust me.

Alicia said...

FUN! But thanks for letting Grandma come home. We missed her!!!!!! Ella looks so cute in pig tails. :)

jenny said...

You did lots of fun stuff! I am jealous!

vicki said...

We love all these activities! Fun!

The Millers said...

ah to leave the house without the threat of hypothermia... maybe someday. Looks like you guys had fun time--llucky (about the llamas)

rosycheeks said...

What an amazing Children's Museum! Fun to see your family in pics...and I am having flashbacks of Jon as a kid when I see Foster!

Tanya said...

That was SO embarrassing when the staff had to ask you to give the kids a turn on the bubble making contraption. Yes, it IS harder than it looks, but let it go Jenny!

Did you realize that in the grocery part you're only allowed to take four things AND you have to put everything back EXACTLY where you found it? Did anyone tell you that? Where do they find these kid loving Nazi's? ;)

In the kitchen area with Ella...what in the HECK is the person behind her wearing?? It looks tragic and I don't even have my glasses on.

JenM. said...

Trying to get the bubble around my thrice-times birthing hips was INCREDIBLY hard...these things take time.

Yeah, found out about the grocery limit last time...embarrassing AND difficult to limit a two year old.

Actually, that person standing behind Ella is me...Sorry my wardrobe isn't up to your "standards." I was really excited about my ensemble of a butterfly "T", ballet flats and loin-cloth. Now you say something.