Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby Ella

Our first family picture with Ella (Ella two weeks)...I think she's lovin' the Baby Bjorn.
Ella discovers that she's got sweet huge hands. (love the possessed eyes, too.)
Kind've a smile after her first day at church. Also, her first time being forced to wear matching dresses with her sister.
Our sweet baby's first smile...Please realize that this is a hotel and do not assume that this is my glorious comforter. I have better taste than this.

We wanted to share a few pictures of our sweet little Ella with everyone as many have not even gotten to meet her yet. I hope you enjoyed them. Ella is an amazing little girl and such a blessing to our family.
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The Whittle Family Blog said...

Sooo, there is a red eye fixer feature in Picasa. Just so you know!
Everything looks really good, I like it!

The Whittle Family Blog said...

Actually this comment and the other one is from the Rands but I have 2 different blogs.