Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Watch out for alligators.
Maya walks to the water's edge and the ducks start to gather...
Look, I can even feed them with my back turned...what, never turn your back on an aggressive gander?

We have a great duck pond that is in our subdivision. It was a gorgeous day a few weeks back and the kids and I decided to take a walk over. It appears that Maya was the only participant that day but really we are all there. Foster kept chasing his frisbee out of the camera's range, and Ella was sleeping in her stroller. I wish that you could capture the vision of how aggressive the ducks are. When you show up with bread (or even without), they hunt you down. We finally had to run away which was a glorious vision for all of our new neighors to see. Me, Maya, Foster (unwilling), and sleeping child in stroller. We are grateful to live in such a great area.
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