Tuesday, December 9, 2008

These are a bunch of pictures taken in the recent days and weeks.
Gingerbread House construction. Very tricky. Must be done on Monday evenings while wearing PJ's.

Ta-da! Pride of ownership. I love Foster's smug expression.

So this is the way I see Ella anytime I come at her with a camera. She has turned into such a poser. I have to hide this ballet costume because everytime she sees it, she MUST wear it! At least she conceded this day and let me put it on over her clothes. It was actually the greatest amount of clothes she has worn for the longest amount of time for weeks. She either likes to tear off all of her clothing and just wear a diaper, or the ballet tutu. I get her dressed on average ten times a day. If you are wondering about the laundry basket, I call it Mommy's 'Lil Helper. I just put her in there and she can't get out and she is good for hours on end, or until her diaper starts leaking. It's good for when I want to get out of the house and don't feel like having a two-year-old-tag-along. (I hope you all know I'm just joking about that. I would never leave her in there until her diaper leaks. I just take the diaper off completely and hose her and the basket off when I get home.)

He's the happy elf... One of the many times that I am sooooo glad to be a girl.

So of course these pictures were uploaded backwards but, whatever. On Thanksgiving, the kids made these turkey headbands. This is little McCord (or "Baby Goat" as Ella likes to call him, I think it is her version of "Baby Cord.") My brother Ryan and his family moved here last year and we LOVE having them here! (Baby McCord is there new little guy.)

Ella and cousin Merrit sporting their fetching headgear. Ella adores Merrit and gets so excited anytime she is mentioned.

Our gaggle of turkeys.


Courtney said...

So many posts! It's like an early Christmas for me! Google reader has been giving me gifts of updates :)

UGH. The tu-tu delima... been there many times myself. I have to say though, you're doing the right thing by giving in :) The more we moms fight it, the more they strip naked behind our back!

vicki said...

Great pics...I am gonna try out the laundry basket thing tomorrow!

vicki said...

Lillianne wears her Cinderella dress and tutu over her clothes when we go shopping. I just don't even argue anymore!

Alana said...

Celina does the same thing. Madison always did that too but the second time around I have decided who cares? The only rule is that she can't be naked.

I love the basket idea. I will need a bigger box for Celina though.

Tanya said...

I'm so calling CPS.
Add my kids to the list of the unphotogenic - yikes!! Cord looks like he needs a cotton ball and toner wiped all over his face and the puke on the bib is a nice bonus.

Musicmom-Amy said...

Your kids crack me up!! So fun to see their personalities shining through. Foster's face is classic boy!

Jayme said...

It feels like you've been gone forever now that I actually see a picture of Ella, so sad! Your kids are getting so big, I can't even believe it! And your hair looks great long. Jon obviously looks the same :)

Alicia said...

News flash--I'm a girl AND I have to do my outside Christmas decorations. If I leave "the boy" to do it, it doesn't happen until Christmas Eve and then his argument is, "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, what's the point?" I do have to say my house looks quite festive, only I was out with a coat and gloves--I'm quite jealous of the whole shirt sleeve thing Jon's got going on.

Your kids look SO cute. Do you think "Mommy's Little Helper" would fool Lexie?

Jenete said...

Keep the posts coming! It's great to see all the fun pics. The whole not wearing clothing cracks me up. I remember Angela being the same way...I am sure I was too but I don't remember as much. Of course there is always a staple piece that is always worn. Angela and I preferred Swimming suits year round if anything at all as well as slips. I think mom gave in most of the time and I am sure we sported more than we should have in public:)

Alicia said...

Super cute background! :)